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It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if you’re not happy. So, check out what other Sellers have said about us.

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“Dear Mr. Hughes. Thanks for all you have done to help make the transition an easier one for me and my brother as we turn our parents home over to you. You have been more patient and kind than expected. My extended thanks for working with me to bring this to a good end.”

- J.D.M. (Southfield, M.I.)

“Ibrahim Hughes has shown a passion for helping young people in his community succeed. He first came to visit our organization 12 years ago and has been here every Friday since then mentoring and teaching our young people. We have found him to be a reliable young man who delivers on his promises. We only wish there were more business leaders in the world like him.”

- The S.T.E.P. Youth Organization

“After losing my job, it only took a few short months for my wife and me to be days away from foreclosure.  Mr. Hughes was able to step in and present us with options that we never knew existed. He presented our situation to the bank, negotiated with them on our behalf and didn’t charge us anything due to our financial hardship. Without the professionals at Common Unity, my wife and I would be in a very different place this year – literally!”

- A.S. (Edison, NJ)

“Mr. Hughes helped during a challenging time in my life. He promised that he would buy my fire damaged house in as-is condition.  He came through and exceeded all of my expectations, I am very satisfied with the outcome, I would recommend his services to a friend. “

- W.B. (Chester, SC)

“As a volunteer of the S.T.E.P. mentoring program, Ibrahim has been consistently and effectively mentoring my 9 year old son on a one-on-one basis for 2 years. I can’t thank him enough for providing my son with the positive images, self-esteem and encouragement he needs in order to be successful in life.”

- C. Johnson (Montclair, NJ)

“When you showed up from out of state to inform my wife and I that title to a piece of (real estate) property was still in our names, I knew you were a professional. But when all the (government) bureaucracy and problems came up trying to settle the house for a closing, your knowledge of the real estate field and City Hall was simply a command performance. Thank you for a job well done. “

- J.M. (Queens, NY).