Received A Letter From Us?

Hi and welcome to our website. First, I want to personally thank you for taking the time out to review the letter we sent you and then coming to our website for more information on who we are and what we do.

Second, I assure you we are NOT a scam.  As Founder and CEO of our company and as a licensed Real Estate Professional by the State of New Jersey , I’d like you to take comfort in the fact that I’ve been in the business for 20 years.  And during those 20 years I’ve dealt with hundreds of property owners, attorneys and various real estate professionals throughout the industry. And all without One Complaint. You can check Google, the BBB, and any other website or database and you will not find one customer or real estate professional who wasn’t satisfied with our exceptional service and outstanding professionalism.  Additionally, you can contact our Attorney for the last 15 years, John J. Sullivan Jr., Esq. of the law firm Vastola & Sullivan (Middlesex, NJ), who will personally vouch for our legitimacy and longevity.

And finally, if you received a letter from us, it may involve a property that you thought you no longer owned. We perform extensive research on every property we look to buy or homeowner we look to help. So rest assured, if we’re contacting you, it means that you still own the property and can therefore make a lot of money on it by selling it to us (that is, if you wish to sell at all – you may want to keep the property).  Alternatively, you can also contact your local tax assessor and they will confirm that the property is still in your name.

Afterwards, feel free to give us a no-obligation call, text or shoot us an email. Or simply have your attorney call us or our attorney.  Whichever you decide, we look forward to speaking with you and talking to you about your real estate.

Take care,


Ibrahim Hughes

Founder & CEO