Don’t Sell Your Home. SAVE it!

Over the 20 years we’ve been in business, we’ve deal with hundreds of homeowners looking to sell their house. Buying Houses is indeed our main line of work. HOWEVER…..If you DON’T want to sell your home and instead wish to keep it, then we’d like to do everything we can to help. And we don’t charge a dime for doing so. Absolutely nothing.


‘New Jersey Home Help’ (NJHH) is a free service offered by the licensed and certified real estate professionals at Common Unity Real Estate LLC and STEP Buys Houses, LLC. The goal of this service is to reach out to distressed homeowners, advise them of their options, and connect them with the professional resources that can potentially help save their home. Whether that’s answering their questions about the foreclosure process in New Jersey, connecting them to the state of New Jersey’s Free ‘Self Help’ foreclosure center, connecting them to a non profit foreclosure assistance program, helping them determine how much time they have left in a foreclosure, introducing them to a reputable mortgage representative for a refinance, or referring them to a competent and licensed attorney who will legally fight to help save their home, we use our 20 years of experience and industry connections to give them the best chance possible at keeping their home.

With this Free service, we provide two guarantees:

1) You don’t pay us anything for helping you. This service is totally free and we will never charge you a dime.

2) We will never pressure you to sell your home. We’re here to help with no strings attached.

So far this year alone (2020) we’ve helped almost three dozen homeowners address and or stop the foreclosure of their homes.


If you’re NOT interested in selling your home and are ready to get started keeping it, please complete our short Homeowner Assistance form or simply call, text or email us and we’ll get to work right away in helping you keep your home.



Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to see if you find the information there.

Or simply contact us.

Disclaimer (We’re Aiming To Be As Clear & As Transparent As Possible):

  • We are a FOR PROFIT company who buys, fixes, sells and leases real estate for a profit.
  • We are NOT a Government agency and are NOT affiliated with the state of New Jersey in any way except for our team members who are licensed as Real Estate Sales Associates.
  • We are NOT a charitable organization and we are NOT a non profit organization.
  • We are NOT a law firm and do NOT provide legal advice. If you are facing a legal matter, whether you speak with us or not, we ALWAYS recommend that you consult a licensed and experienced real estate attorney. If you are looking for a referral to an attorney as well as organizations in New Jersey who offer free legal advice, please contact us.